Was baked crisp in the sun today.
Had to do some chores- get the gas regulator from ganesh nagar, go to the new house and startup the gas stove.
Have to change two ricks to get to ganesh nagar-one from shankar nagar to sitabuldi and then from sitabuldi to nandanvan.
It was a dead hour when I took the the rick from shankar nagar, about 1:30 PM. I usually travel by seat-wise ricks-they charge u as one seat in the rick, and the no. of seats can go as high as 6…or even 8 as i found out. So they earn nice, and its cheap too, with me having to pay only as much as 1/6th of the total fare if i was to travel alone in the rick..(they call it ‘special savari’….)
Yea…so went to shankar nagar,and got a rick. I was the first seat, so had to wait for the other ‘seats’. Rather, I was the first butt. It was f**in hot, about 42°C, and ricks are like mobile ovens! The black leather cover of the ricks acts as a heat absorber, and the whole rick behaves like a perfectly black body…all the heat concentrated inside. Got the remaining 5 butts in about 15 mins, and we were off. Got to buldi, took another rick for nandanvan.
Sittin in the ricks is an acrobatic feat. The seat of the rick is about 3 ft *1 ft, and i was sittin beside the driver, on his 2 foot seat. There was a butt on the other side of the driver too, and i had to sit in a space about 3 inches wide. My position must’ve lookd funny, with one arm stretched all the way to the other end of the rick, holding a bar, the other arm holding the frame, one half of my butt on the available space and the other half danglin for life in mid air…
The rickwallah was a stunt driver in disguise i guess, cuttin and weavin thru traffic as if it was an obstacle course. There was a moment when i felt the swish of a car bonnet near my dangling half of the butt…one inch here and I wud have been a single bowel guy…gawd…
Got off the joy ride at nandanvan and walked to the house…of my granny (mommy’s mommy).
Had to get the reguator from her, so asked for it. My cuz was watchin TV at full volume….Munnabhai MBBS. As it is, granny cannot hear anything unless i yell at her at full volume, using all the power that i can muster up from the deepest part of my anatomy…and that too with Sanjay dutt singing a song on TV…damn…it was all too painful.
When i first said sumthn to her, she was lukin at the TV and i guess she ignored my voice thinkin it was some dialogue bein said by Mr.Circuit on TV. But gradually I think she found out that the voice in her ear was not matchin with the lip movement of the guy on TV…and thats when she lukd at me…
Got the regulator…did another circus stunt ride in the rick which wud put the Great Grand Royal Circus to shame, and got to the new home….fixed the gas…and got back (again!) in a rick which had about 8 ppl. Imagine 8 ppl sittin in about 6 sq feet of space…with hardly any space to move a finger. I got a call from someone…my cell was in my left pocket…but cudnt dare to move my hand without touching the girl sittin to my left VERY suggestively…and with mom sittin to my rite, abandanoned all thots of attendin the call.
Got home in one piece, and with both the butts intact.

But i guess i just couldnt get enuf of it, so got out again in an hour, for another circus ride to the cafe…


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