Alrite…read this ony if u want to get realy disgustipated…

After a week of delaying and postponing, today i finaly left for Washim (shitty place, that is). Was delayin it primarily coz i was too bored to come here, coz there aint no decent net cafes, no malls and….no nuthn. Also was actualy too damn bored to travel in the heat.
But anyway i did leave today. Was plannin to take a nice private bus, but, coz of some avoidable circumstances and more some laziness on my part, I cudnt. So i had to travel by a State Transport bus. Red and yellow.
So, umm, yea, took the bus early in the mornin (8:15 AM…im usually in bed at this hour. Also, as i had to take this bus, i had to miss last nite’s Italy vs USA world cup match… and sleep early…gah!). Got in the bus, and coud not see an empty seat (Wats with me n seats anyway…never seem to find one…). Walked down the aisle halfway in the bus, and found two guys sittin on a seat meant for three ppl. Asked the guy near the aisle to move, but he merrily just rotated his body counter-clockwise from waste down and showed me the way towards the middle seat. Squeezed myself in there, and closed my eyes, wishing for sleep. Had been like that for an hour, when i got a msg from Amit tellin me that the results were on the 21st. That msg hit me like a nasty whack…it was worse than a million alarms goin off…i was wide awake and staring…its weird how I get tense b4 the results, but dont feel a thing b4 the xams…
Relaxed after an hour and a smoke…wishin that sumthn awesome wud happen…coz that was the only thing that cud get my mind off the results…

And then it did happen.

It was amazing! I mean, I cant beleive what an effect it had on me, even on the guy sitting next to me. I was half asleep, but was jolted out of it by the ghastly odour. I cudnt think for a moment, and then it dawned upon me that the guy at the window was flatulent. Came back to my senses, and turned to look at the guy near the aisle, hoping no to see him in a state of labored respiration. The seat was empty. The guy had moved to a seat on the other side, and was tryin hard to concentrate on his newspaper. His contorted face told his story…
There was no other seat, so I had to stay put, tho I did move in the aisle seat.
I thot it was a one time thing, so I relaxed again.
But there it was again! I cudnt help thinkin that the guy was deliberately doin it…like he was targettin me or sumthn. And all the time, the guy was lukin outa the window, oblivious to the fate of his fellow passengers.
It was becoming more frequent now, and at infrequent intervals, pulverizing and poisoning everything in a radius of 20 cms around the guy.
I once saw him take up position for another blast, so I took a deep breath, and for the next few mins exhaled in short bursts, not inhaling at all. It worked!
After attacking me for 30 mins or sumthn, the guy got up and went to sit beside a chick near the door. His stop was close. As the bomber disembarked from the bus, I saw the chick’s face. It was as if she had breathed her last…

After enduring this, and gettin the window seat, I thought I would have a nice, peaceful journey. The weather was great, cool and cloudy…melancholic…just the way i like it.
But the driver had other plans. He was driving the broken down contraption like a ride to hell. The roads were bad and potholed, and he was gunning ahead as if there was Michae Schumacher chasing him in an armored ferrari with a missile turret, ready to blow his head off. The whole tin box of a bus was rattling, and all the screws, rivets and plates were showing their displeasure…threatening to come off at any moment. I sincerely started to beleive that there was some divine power holding it all together.

Finally, after 8 hrs of an involuntary, unwanted and (maybe) undeserved bodysmash…I got off the bus in a hazy and bewildered state, unsure of my footing. Got to a rick (special savari this time…no more joy rides today)….got home…and got to bed for an hour of sleep in a silent, unmoving, non-smelly, stable environment…


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