The Aftermath.

Head throbbing today. Its been rather (un)eventful since the judgment day, the two days were occupied with going round and round the college building, for the TC (clearance) formalities. That was AGAIN a headache and an arseache. Finding the person from each dept with the authority of signing my clearance form was a nightmare. It was like a challenge to patience. I needed to get 9 signatures, that means finding (search and destroy type, really) 9 ppl, who are trained in the art of evasion. It was like goin behind a trail, sniffing the air. Only that everytime, the guy at the end of the trail would point to some other trail, leading to a different guy, who pointed to a trail leading elsewhere and so on…all of this to get a sign on the dotted line on my precious, almost-legible, badly xeroxed form, which again was attached to xerox copies of the marksheets of the three years. The markesheets were to be attested too, with the college stamp (which, as i figured, was present as a single unity and did the rounds of the entire college, in all the 6 deptts, as required). The stamp was missing.Each dept head directed us towards some other dept, where the in-charge wud put up his hands as if at gun-point, tellin us that he did not have the stamp, that he did not know where it was, and that he did not wish to help. Al this in a voice which sounded like a mixture of a plea for mercy and a smirk of sadistic satisfaction…
…eventually got all the 8 signatures and the stamp, and then headed to the library to get the final clearance, which promised to be an exciting episode….
It had so transpired that the head librarian and I did not exactly share a cordial relationship. I had been involved in various arguments with him, on a number of occasions, and i knew the guy was gona make the clearance as difficult as possible for me…
…as it turned out, it had worked the other way round. He was probably so wary of my arguments for each of his time delaying actions, that he cleared my account in a record 5 mins, when eveyone else ws loitering around him for atleast 20 mins!

Finally, after getting all the clearances and signatures, paying the fines and standing in queues, my form was submitted, only to be told that I would get the TC on monday…
Which effectively means 8 hours in college, with the form and a bit of superhuman patience.


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