The Normality.

Well…today was nuthn special…i mean…nuthn much happened, neither gud nor annoyin…just a day…a day in life.
The effect the results had has worn off…and everythin doesnt seem cool anymore…nuthn wrong wid the world realy, the world is a great place. It keeps throwin sumthn or the other at u…it keeps u on the edge…its quite exciting actually, so to say.

Come to think of it, everyday seems like a routine thing, as most of us think. But look harder and think deeper, and u’ll see that the world seems a bit different, a bit new, everyday. Take, for instance, my today. Woke up at 11…and then it was as usual…lunch…fag…friends…’the usual’. Got a few shirtings for meself, and then was roaming around on the scoot. Theres a place here…about a km from the town…theres a raiway track there. The place luks all dug up, and the railway line is a bit higher than the place where i was standin. It was the time of sunset…the sun was behind the clouds, shooting out rays of light in every possible direction…the rays were piercing the clouds, coloring them and givin them a realy surreal feel. That sight was amazing, and then the train passed. The train was running a diesel engine, and when it passed the point of the sunset at the horizon…the dark silhouette of the train, with the smoke rising above it and being swept back…against the backdrop of the setting sun and the clouds…everythin there was amazingly breathtaking. It looked like the perfect union of the Natural and the Artificial. The train, even though being such a crude and heavy piece of machinery, the last thing natural, looked as much a part of the picture as did the clouds. The whole scene, which hardly lasted for half-a-second had a considerable impact on me.
They make u think, things like these, that life is never drab or monotonous. If you have the eyes and the heart for it, every day seems vividly distinct. Theres always sumthn to see, something to hear, sumthn to wonder about…everyday is like a breath of fresh air, like the new charge of fuelair in an IC engine. It keeps you going, it keeps u perked up.
And there are so many things, things wich we take for granted. These things, if you observe closely, can be wonderful to think about actually. For instance, take a simple tree. Normally, we dont give a tree even a second glance. Its just there. But look closely, look at the shadow it casts on the ground, look at the way its branches make weird angles with the stem, try to see the moon thru its branches. Just look. It really seems great-simple, but great. I really dont know how to put it in words, but these small things make our life worth living.
Even a simple thing like smoke can be mesmerising. The patterns it makes, the swirls it makes coz of the breeze…its like magic.
The smoke has always kind of inspired me to not be like it. Its like dense and alive when it comes out. Alive, moving and full of life. It seems to have a mission, a mission to do sumthn. But then slowly, it just diffuses in the air, gettin fainter and rarer, and after a while it is nowhere. No one knows where it is, and no one knows it was there in the first place. I dont want my life to be like the smoke, alive and kicking at the start, fizzing out later, and then over without a trace. That kind of life is not worth living. My life shud leave a mark…like a bomb blast does LOL.

And those of us who complain of lack of time to give these things a thought, just take some time out, look at the world around u with an eye for wonder, and u’ll find urself looking forward to live the next day .


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