Huh. What? So here it is…me…in mah new place. Hmm. ‘New place’…Its good. I mean…i got all I wanted…a seperate room…cool locality (!)…music…responsibility…freedom…hmmm…

Got up quite early today mornin…arnd 9. Actually dint have much on my mind then…was just thinkin what to do. the room was in a state of mess, and cleanin it up was the last thing my lazy ass wanted to do. But as there was nuthn else to do, the last thing became the first i.e. only thing to do. SO I started off by declaring war on the cobwebs in the room. Fired up my Xtra Heavy Duty Motor Powered Vacuum Sucker and got down to business…all hoses blazing. Suckin in those 8 legged freaks with their homes was mind-numbingly satisfying muaha. I betcha they dont know what hit em…Point and Suck! May their Souls Rest In Peace in the paper belly of mah XHDMPVS!

Lukd at my pc then. It lukd all sad and lame sittin on the place which aint a window sill nor a watever. Its a foot high…3 feet*5 feet elevated platform by the two 6 feet tall windows in mah room. Dunno wats it called. Anyway, it was to be moved from there. Coz I thot that platform thingy was gud for sittin and starin out at the rain thru the windows. Yea. Decided to ‘get it laid’ (grin) on the ‘study table’, wich, from today and til today, ive used for anythn but what it was intended for.

So focussed my viewfinder on the table. There lay on the table The Great GigaBoom Blaster, with all of 200W Super Measly output! So that had to go. To the wall-rack. Again Vacuum Sucked the shelves, and placed the MegaBoom Blaster on the top shelf. The speakers went to the loft…one at each end. The first thing to do to accomplish this task was lengthening of the wire of a speaker. The old inhabitants of this place had left a long wire dangling from one end of my room to the other. Stripped it off the walls, cut it down, taped it to the speaker wire and poked it in the Blaster’s behind. Fired up the blaster for a check…mission accomplished!
Then came the PC’s turn again. Hauled it from the platform-thingy and laid it on the table. Felt gud. Did a bit of pokin and got it runnin.

What next? I thot…so put in a Massive Attack tape in the Blaster and ‘listened’. Sounded good.

Was still listenin when a guy who looked like Aryamaan from Family came in. Apparently the manager of the society. He got us updated on the amount due to the society, maintenance charges for 2 years. Supposed to pay up almost 11K bucks to the society. Please draw and submit a check in the name of ‘ShivShail Condomonium’ he said. Dunno y, but at that time it wud’ve sounded better if he’d said ShivShail Pandemonium…what with the elevator buzzer blowin costantly, kids yellin and some car in the parking downstairs honking its horns off.

Wanted to go to a cafe today…but there was som trouble in the city. It started off in Mumbai, where some1 threw mud at Sena chief Bal Thackeray’s wife’s statue. The violence spread all over Maharashtra, with ppl burning down cars and buses.
Got out for a fagstroll, and saw guys in khaki sittin at every square. Just then a friend from Washim called. His bro was here in Nagpur, so he wanted me to check on the situation. Decided to get the lodown on it straight from the horse’s mouth, so talked to a policeman. Nuthn much, he said, everythn is normal, atleast for now. Still, cudnt go to any cafe.

Cuz came in l8r, so was gud tp.

Need to hav a fag now…will cme bck n cntinu…


Well…just cme to know that uncle has already paid the money to the society…hmm…so whts cookin with aryamaan? Will find out tomo.

Will sign off nw…ciao.


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