Moved to the new place today eve. It was hectic…to say the least. Hectic fun! Feels good to go thru such a workout once in a while. Mom’s things had to be moved from uncle’s place to the new place. The ‘things’ took up 9 full-sized travel bags and an equal number of mid-sized grocery bags. Obviously, the job of hauling all these things from uncle’s 3rd floor apartment to his van was upto me. Had to carry em down the stairs, two at a time. Was arguing with a friend doin agri ,on the cell, just to ignore the boredom of the task. Drove down to the new place, and again had to carry all the luggage, again to the 3rd floor. Thankfully, this place has an elevator! Got it upstairs, avoidin some queer stares from the watchman and the neighbours. Then again went out with uncle to get the groceries. Got a week’s supplies and came back. Then got down to cleaning the apartment with teh vacuum cleaner….

…got out about an hour later for a fag. Uncle n aunt had left. Was feelin great about the new place…my room…my pc…my space!

But theres one thing thts weird, as it always is with me. Its like i dont have the ‘feelin good’ thing constantly…it like comes and goes, like someone turnin a light on n off at irregular intervals. Dunno why it is that way…even now…was in a realy gud mood to write, but it has waned now.

Ah well…nuthn much goin on in mah head today…its surprisingly ‘calm’…organised? Or maybe just plain messed up beyond control.


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