The Mockery called Life

Thats just what it is. There were 8 bomb blasts in Mumbai yesterday. About 190 ppl lost their lives…in a mere instant. There were college guys my age, ppl the age of my mom…children as small as the toddler next door, some1’s grandparents…brothers…sisters…somebody’s husband returning from a days work…somebody’s wife returning from the market…all dead. Who is to blame? The authorities are still following ‘leads’. They suspected terrorists from the Lashkar-E-Toiba or the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen.

And the wonder of wonders, ‘spokespersons’ of these organisations call up and tell the authorities that this isnt their doing. They say that these acts are’inhuman’ and ‘outrageous’. They say that killing ‘civilians’ is not on their ‘manifesto’. Islam prohibits it, they say.

Frankly, if these organisations have been declared worldwide as ‘terrorist organisations’, how the heck do their spokespersons manage to contact the authorities or the media? How the heck are they allowed to do it? Why dont the authorities follow the leads of the spokespersons and shut down the organisations? Terrorists are terrorists. No matter how they try to convince everyone what they do is ‘ethical’. I really cant understand all this political trickery.

Well, thats somethin else. The point is, the way everything seems like a mockery. It happens every few years. Happened in 93, 97, 98, 2002 and then in 2003. And now again. The blasts keep on ripping apart hundreds of lives, and all the media does is praise the Mumbaikars for their ability to get back to their normal lives the next day of the blasts. Agreed, that this very true. But what about the ppl whose lives are really affected by these acts?

What about the guy who lost his friend of 23 years?

What about the lady who lost her husband?

What about the 19 year old guy who lost his younger brother, all of 17?

What about the mother whose son is battling for life in the ICU? Can you imagine what she is
goin thru, with the doctors and relatives not allowing her to go and see her mangled son coz she wont be able to bear it?

What would the mother be going thru whose son left office early in the damned train, just so that he could get home and cook food for her?

These are but just a few examples…theres no saying how many ppl are there with stories like these.

Ok…forget the media. Its their job to say all this. And it helps the ppl to return to normality. But what about the government? Even if they trace the source of these acts to some terrorist organisation, what will they do? This is not the first time. They cant declare war on these orgs. They cant carry out air raids on their bases, coz Uncle Sam does not allow it. All the PM will do is address the nation. The govt and the railways will pay a few lakh rupees as compensation to the victims’ families. Agreed, all this is in gud spirit. But, eventually, all this will die down and ppl will forget it…thats what always happens…with nothing much being done about it.

…its really no use ranting about this here. Im just a guy, sittin about a 1000 km away, writing all this. What have I done for it? Nothing!….god all this is so frustrating…What good is it gonna do to all those ppl…all I can do is feel bad about them…feel sorry for them…and pray that may the souls of the deceased rest in peace…The people in power always show their lame asses at times like these…damn…i cant help feelin like a whiner and a loser…

Want to know why I call it a mockery? A mockery of MY life?

Coz theres nothing I can do to change all thats happening in this country, nor for humanity. Not in the short term…nor in the long term. I know that I can do somethin for it in the long term, by being a part of politics, by being a man in power and changing all this. But then theres my life u see. My responsibilities…towards mom…towards my relatives…Sure, I can abandon all these ‘selfish’ concerns and work for the country. But then theres the society who will disgrace me….callin me ‘unconcerned’ and ‘irresponsible’. Again, I’ll say ‘to hell with society’.I can say that family is not as important as the nation, but then I look at mom…she’s all alone rite? Can I be so heartless that I just leave her to fend for herself? But then all this is just whining and crying…just talk…

Life seems really worthless when sumthing like this happens. They say that Mumbaikars return to their normal lives the very next day. But do those poor souls have a choice? They cant just sit home and worry. They have to earn their daily bread. And there is no choice but to commute in these trains, to their offices which can easily be 40-50 kms away from home.
At the end, all we can do is hope. Hope that lady luck is with us everytime we get out of our homes.


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  1. Here’s some feedback…purely on the style of writing..maybe you would want to look into your spellings and grammar a bit; gives the blog a more polished appeal. And try to keep blogs a bit shorter. That’s the key to more readers I guess, atleast that’s what the blogspot folks say.

  2. very well said dude.. The spirit of mumbai is the biggest undoing of the mumbaikars.. They remain poker faced even in adverse situations and thats enuf for the politicians to say ‘salaam bombay’..

  3. I have this sinking feeling that Terrorism will never be removed from this earth.. I hope the people who did this never sleep another wink at night. If there is any gOd then let these people get a direct ticket to hell! Frankly for the first time in my life I have lost confidence in life and am feeling so pessimistic !

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