Bombing an amoeba colony.

So, its past. The bomb blasts. It happened two days back. The dead are dead. The injured are fighting. Those who could survive critical conditions have survived. Those who could not, have succumbed. Life has returned to normal in Mumbai.

It always does. You see, the people are very resilient. They are brave people. They have a good heart. The people have done their best to help the victims. There are queues at blood banks. There are people donating money to help the victims. The government has agreed to pay compensations to the families of the dead. In a few days’ time, all this will be forgotten. The newspapers will record the day calling it something like ‘Terror Tuesday’. They will record the date, saving it in a fancy format, calling it the Calender of Death. It has become like a stereotype. Terrorist attack? Call it something like 7/11, 7/7…following on the lines of the grand daddy of all attacks, 9/11.


Nothing. Forget it. Everyone knows the hullabaloo is going to die down soon. The people are resilient, right? They won’t stick to these memories. They will move on. That is just human nature.Everyone says that this tendency of forgetting and moving on will de-moralise the terrorists. They will see that their bombs and blasts are not really affecting all the people. And so, they will stop.

But it is obvious that this is not happening.
This was the sixth bombing incident in the last 13 years, just in India. And the number of terror strikes on religious places (remember Akshardham?) are even more.Why India? Take the whole world. There was 9/11 in the USA. Then there was the terror attack on trains in Madrid, 3/11. Then the bombings in the Tube and the buses in London, 7/7. What happened after all these incidents? People grieved, carried out memorial services, took out processions and then got back to their lives. Got back to being normal. People are resilient, you see.

Actually, all these examples make us humans look like an amoeba colony. All shapeless people, living for the sake of living. Ever seen microbes under a microscope? They all look active, full of life, wiggling and squiggling. Stamp out and kill a few, and that wont affect the others. They are brainless right? They cannot think. The fact that a few of their fellows are dead does not affect them. They ignore it.

But humans think. So what do we do? What are we supposed to do? Any one with a bit of pride of being human will agree that we would take on the killers head on. We will try to decimate them. What do we do when someone comes and hits us, or even one of our friends? We retaliate right? Then why not now?

This is what we do. We cry, rant, write columns and then shut up. Our governments try to achieve peace with countries housing these killers. Our PM asked the leader of one such country to stop supporting these organisations, or it ‘would have’ adverse effects on the peace process. Why think of a peace process with such a country in the first place? Why not say something like “You either end these terrorist organisations, or face war” ?

But they wont say it. They dont want to loose votes. Minority votes are important. They dont want to loose their chairs. They can do anything for their chairs. Two parties with polar differences in ideologies can come together to form a government. How? Because what is important for them is not the people or the ideologies, but their chairs and bank accounts. When there are problems of ideologies and ambitions within the government itself, what can such a government do against terrorism?

These ‘leaders’ change themselves to fit in the new joke alliances formed every 5 years. Any wonder then that the people also are just like them? Amoebas?



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  1. Hi bro, Real cool blog. Keep on blogging! But please keep it a little short the next time round. Break it in pieces and then post as seperate blogs. Again, great blog, man !! – Ameya

  2. public memory is short….be it..bomb blasts or politician’s xploits..unless and until people stop following gandhian philosophy..stand up and fight..this s not goin to stop..thts wt I feel..coz..none of our so called protectors or administrators..i.e. politicians are concerned about us!!!b/w…nice blog!!

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