Banning the voices

It was a shocker that came in 3 days ago. I could not access my blog, nor could anyone else who had a blog on or It was then that i found out that the DoT had issued orders to ban the websites.Seriously, have no idea what the heck is this government getting at. To ban an entire website serving as a platform for people to present their thoughts to the world? And the reason being given is that some anti-India organisations were using these websites for communications. So, instead of banning, or rather, filtering a handful of websites, they have banned the whole domain. It just goes to show the ignorace and incompetence of the people incharge of technology in our country.And there was no announcement. All that hey have got in return is angry bloggers (40,000+) all over the country.
Well, it appears to a ban for now. Some say its just a security measure implemented for the time being, while the cops physically locate the servers and computers from where the anti-india elements were posting. It is all fine if it is that way, but something tells me its not.
Last month, the I&B ministry proposed and drafted a ‘Broadcast Bill’. It was drafted in ‘national and consumer interest’. What the Bill attempts to do is rein in the media, bring it under government control. Then, too, the ministry had not consulted any of the parties who were going to be affected by the bill. That was another horrendous piece of legislation, which, if passed, would have made the media a pawn. It came in for severe criticism, and hence has been put on hold.Although it is going by the extremes, I cant help but think that the current government is trying to be overly-authoritarian. Reining in the media was the first attempt, I guess. But, as the media is a strong fraternity, the government had to go on the backfoot.But this time, its different. The bloggers are but a mere minority. And although it is highly unlikely, but if this banning move is a part of the propoganda to curtail the citizens from expressing their views, then we are in for trouble. If this is a banning move, then it can amount to taking away the freedom of speech from the bloggers.I really hope the government knows what it is doing. If this is what I think it is, the government should know that it is in for big trouble. Who knows what they might think of banning next?


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  1. I completely agree with you…if this continues before we would even come to know India would be walkin on China’s footsteps with internet security…

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