The Father

He got out of bed on a lazy Sunday morning. It was a day like any other. Groggily wondering what to do today, he brushed his teeth, staring at the mirror. ‘I need a shave’, he said to himself. Checking the time, he yawned. It was 11 AM. After gulping down a mug of coffee, he opened the paper. It had the usual thorughfare:politics, deaths, terrrorism…Scanning through the pages, he saw an article titled ‘Do boys need a dad?’. He read it without much interest, thinking he did not need an article to know if a guy needs his dad. It was an article based on some research, and he found himself agreeing to its findings, that boys dont really need a dad. I am doing fine without him, he thought.Turning the page with a smile, he wondered what would these people think of researching next…

Just then, his mom asked him to get up and clean his messy room. It was a thing he hated to do, but knew better than arguing with her and facing her wrath. Yawning again, he got down to work.While going through a shelf full of papers and books, he came across an unmarked CD. Out of curiosity, he popped it into the PC; it was a recording of a Conference of the company where his father worked. There was also a recording of his dad’s seminar. He put everything aside, and sat down to watch. He admired the way his father spoke, very formal in the core, but disguised to look and sound like a casual conversation. He knew that this quality always made his dad’s speech very popular.Then he recalled his own seminar in college, the way everyone had said that his style was quite different. He had prided himself then, thankful for inheriting a good quality from his father.

And then it struck him. ‘Do boys need a dad?’ He wondered:

“Would I have prided myself for my style of speaking, had I not seen other people admire dad for the same?
There are times when I lose my temper in a second; could I have gone on without feeling guilty for it, knowing that it was another thing I had got from my father?
People always tell me that I ain’t social; but I am comfortable with that attitude, I do not work against it. Would I be ok with it, had I not known that dad was the same, and it did not make much of a difference?
Some said that I do not speak much. I would have certainly felt that there is something wrong with me, had I not seen the same quality in dad, due to which people actually listened to him carefully whenever he spoke…”

No, he thought, ‘There are so many things in me, which the world calls imperfections. But I know that as dad did great with all of those, I would be ok too. And this is what gives me the confidence and spirit to live life my way.’

Feeling sorry for the people who had carried out the ‘research’, he got back to work.


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