Its been one of those days which are better forgotten. The last month or so has kept me busy with college and all the related crap. Was so much caught up with all of that stuff that it had become a terrible monotone.

Lying in bed last night, I wasn’t thinking about it. Was too bored to even think of the everyday routine. After a day in college, my night would be taken up by studies-cam profiles, mechanisms, drawings, microstructures…the works.

Was jolted out of my slumber today by the yelling of my cell-“Its time to wake up! The time is 7:30”. It was chilly, it had been raining all night. Wanted to snooze it and doze off again, but then thought of the things I had to do before leaving for college at 9:30-iron my shirt, study a few diagrams…so groggily got out of bed. Turned on the music system-Bryan Adams singin The only thing that looks good on me. Was in a good mood then, dunno why. Made coffee, ate brunch and left. After the fag at Ramu’s, it was straight to college.

The weather was great, it was still drizzling and the breeze was cold and heavenly. Was in high spirits by everyday standards hehe.The first two lecs were good. Wanted to clear up a few doubts I had about a diagram in metallurgy, The Iron-Carbon Equilibrium Diagram, to be precise, so went to the library. Seeked out a book, drew the diagram in my notebook and then met the professor. Sorted out the stuff, and then again to a maths lec. Maths scares me. Cant understand it at all. And I say Im gonna be an engineer!

The trouble started in the next lec. It was Manufacturing Processes. The profguy asked a question, to which I gave a wrong answer, according to the prof. I know it was right, so, I argued with him. As any engg student would tell you, arguing with a prof is as good as slapping your own face voulntarily. I had no idea what had got over me. The prof made me understand that my answer was wrong, made me accept his answer, and then made me shut up. Then he got down to giving notes, and during a round along the rows, he asked me where I had learned my theory. He also stated that theories dont change with universities. Clearly he was pissed. Just hoping he doesn’t screw up my internals.
Frustrated with myself, I got out of college. It seems I was taking it out on the bike, riding rash and idiotic on potholed roads. Just then, got a call on my cell. For the first time in my life, I stopped the bike and then attended the call, thinking that my head had atlest taken one wise decision today.
The call was from a friend who wanted to go with me for checking out at all the Ganapati decorations in town. I didnt feel like it, so told him that and hung up.

Started the bike again and had hardly travelled a few feet when an approaching white omni took a right turn, crossing before me. Reacting instinctively, I braked, only to loose my front tyre. The bike slipped on wet mud and took me down with it. God…the embarassment! The omni didnt stop, just hurtled out on its way. I would have felt better if he had stopped and I could have given him a piece of my mind. But I wasnt to have that pleasure either. Thankfully, I had managed to be standing and let the bike fall, so wasnt hurt.

A bit shaken, and sheepish, I took off again, wondering if I should start beleiving in fate. Afterall, even a few right decisions had led to misery.


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  1. Hey…dis so much reminds me of chetan bhagat and his style and fate…? we r the masters dude…so lets take care of it ourselves…

  2. We get those days sometimes when everything just go wrong… we get out of bed, slip and fell on the rug and before we know it, we have jinxed our entire day. Some things, whether they be good or bad are just meant to happen, we cant do anything about them.

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