its that time again…the results are just around the corner.
they’ll be out anyday now. i duno why, but the ‘approaching’ results always knock the air out of me.
the wait is dreadful…wake up one fine morning with the result staring in my face in the newspaper. if my number is listed, am clear…if not…well, then begins the long tense ride to the univ and see which subs do i have to appear again for…gawd..


4 thoughts on “Result Blues!

  1. Chin Up bro!!U’ll Clear all Of’em!! 🙂I got mah results last week. I cant go to the final year now since i dont have Elgi cuz i haven cleared one sub frm my 1st sem! :((Damn! If only i had put in a lil more effort! 😦But im sure u’ll do just fine.Peace & LoveJeeVY

  2. :)it wil be okie and alrite!TIG!for me,the waits and tensions and the butterflies al have gone away….and wudnt have to think of exams and reslts till next year *touchwood!Takecare Pal!

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