Waking up each morning
to the warmth of the sun
My heart sinks with the thought
The thought that you’re gone

Why cant I move on?

I think of you
Think of your sweet smile
the curve of your lips
the lips that must’ve kissed him last night

Its over, why dont I understand?

Trudging through the day
under a grey-black sky
I see you in his arms
as my hours drag by…

Why am I such a loser?

Alone in the twilight
I soak my world in smoke
I see you dancing in his arms
All I can do is break down

Who are the tears for?

I hide in the shadows
And embrace the night
I wish my world would drown
And I wont wake up to another nightmare…



8 thoughts on “Can you tell me?

  1. hey harshu………….tat was gr8 one…..but darling…..nyways forget it…..dont worry m with u….u knw tat…………n when we r together life rocks!!! right honey!!bye miss u n love u………….

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