So, Mumbai’s been pounded again. And I (all of us) have got a shiny-new topic to rant about here. A chance to rave and rant about the ‘inability’ of the government to tackle terrorism. An issue which the government has been facing since 1984-the assassination of Indira Gandhi.

The truth is, I dont really feel like saying anything. It just doesn’t affect me that much. Really. And I just know ranting is not going to do any good. Its great to watch it all on TV. The troops (MarCos) descending from choppers, NSG guys going in with RPGs…gunshot staccato…all that makes up a cool movie actually. Go watch it on TV! 

Why the fuck am I so desensitized to all of this? I mean…sorry to say this…but Times NOW has been a great source of ‘entertainment’ for the last day and a half!  

These days, for something to make us think…it has to be shocking. Disturbing. And for something to be shocking…it has to have an element of surprise. But I wasn’t surprised this time around. I have been hearing of terrorist attacks every damn year since I started to understand a bit of all that it stood for. 1991-2008…a terrorist attack somewhere, every damn year. Whats new?

The only thing that intrigued me and got my lame ass mind off the usual stuff it engages itself with were the pictures of the terrorists being flashed on TV. That guy with the clean-shaven face, cool tee, cargos and a nice backpack with maybe a laptop and an iPod. With a few rounds and a few grenades. The definiton of cool for any teenager. Next time around, it may so happen that the terrorist they are showing on TV was a regular at our corner CS haunt. Maybe then it will affect me. Maybe not.


4 thoughts on “Double Take Anyone?

  1. Yeah …Harshad…u r rite………but thts I don’t think stops all ppl to blame n point fingers towards UPA………….
    but u get it rite in here man…..nice work frm yeeeeeee……

  2. hummmmmm…

    you write some goodstuff yourself dude.
    it is time to keep some weapons to kill the damn terroriztz…

    go ahead
    kill em ol…


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