Can’t focus. Writing this seems fake. Like I’m making up stuff to put here. It can get depressing. Head aches. Too much. Not the ache. Focussed attention on a singular entity. Then things seem to be acting up against you. Inanimate things. Things supposed to work by your whims. Fingers’ whims. Mobiles. Autocorrect can be annoying. Anyway back to focussed importance. Not healthy. Like a trap. Like a ummm – imagine- umm-say there’s an ant. Or a bee. Yes, bee. The bee’s found a flower that never goes out of nectar. Bee collects it. But prob is after every sometime the flower closes n the bee has to wait for it to open. But the nectar is sweetest of all. The bee feels. So now, the flower needs the bee’s sucker to be of a like. Bee adapts. Sucker adapts. So bee is happy. Get nectar everyday every hour n be happy. Then wait for flower to open. Then nectar again. But now bee cannot collect nectar from other flowers. Sucker has changed. Too much. Other bees think bee is
strange. So its bee n flower n flower n bee. Flower is like other flowers. Plenty of pollen friends. Lonely bee. End of story.
What next. Too muddled in.the head.


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