It’s quiet. Washim is a very quiet town. After the city’s noise and more of it, this silence can be energizing. Or depressing, depending on your state of mind and the general color of your thoughts.
But this place does offer some excitement once in a while.


The ancestors came in in a pack. A teeth-baring, tail-swishing, jumping and thumping pack. The pack sat around, searched around, thumped around and finally departed when the peaceful populace charged them with long sticks and dandas.
But they leave and the quiet unnerves.
I hear the neighbour playing with his 3 month old newborn. Happy smiles and laughs. The one I thought was going to bring me happy smiles is not answering my calls.
The silence.
Train journey tomo. Back to work. I feel the past coming back to haunt me with every unanswered call. I hope it changes course. I have had enough.


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