the ride at the ghat
the ride at the ghat



Was thinking of buying a bike since a long time. Then, a few weeks back, Miss P n me were in Mumbai and I picked up this book called ‘It’s All About The Bike’ by one Mr. Robert Penn. And well, I read it, and I wanted a bicycle more than ever. So things sort of started falling into place, and a few days later I saw a bike I had an eye on was for sale online at 25% discount! Out came the credit card, cool interest free EMI n all, and the bike came home!

Went for  a ride today morning (around 5.5 miles) to this ghat near here. Had searched it out on the map before I went there, so didn’t know that it was a ghat. A Ghat as in they burn corpses there n all..


Flittin' Birdies
Flittin’ Birdies

There weren’t any burning corpses there today, only one bindaas old man who saw me coming down the ghat steps, but still proceeded with undoing the nada of his pajamas, and then the de-robing of the interior garment, followed by peaceful morning ablutions on the serene waterfront. I didn’t stay to watch obviously. Went to the other side, took a few pictures, there were a few birds flitting about too. Nice!

The unhappy old man
The unhappy old man

Came back home, and the way was downhill. had a mild scare while crossing the highway. Made good speed and had worked up a good sweat by the time I entered the building. Then hefted the cycle two floors up. A hot cup of tea followed by thalipeeth!

The Ravine
The Ravine

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