This project will go on into the next year, and a few months further. What is the project about? [mysterious music] I cannot reveal that. [/mysterious music].

Those of you into writing code will see through it easily though. But it needs to be kept secret from someone I know, so there won’t be a direct reveal here of what it’s all about. Not till its done.

I have given it some thought, and at this stage it involves the following components, in a order that makes sense in a way:

  • a tin box
  • a 3″x 4″ protoboard.
  • RGB diode.
  • a bluetooth module
  • an arduino nano
  • bamboo kebab sticks
  • white handmade paper
  • Processing code
  • Arduino code
  • Android app
  • wires,resistors,a switch (SPDT

My first major aim was to get a particular piece of Processing code working that would read the color values from under the mouse pointer on a loaded image and transfer those values via serial to the arduino. It works now and you can see it in the attached files.

The next step was the work to be done with those values by the arduino. that’s all i can say, without saying too much. It works too and the code’s there in the file. 🙂

What remains to be done is interfacing a bluetooth module with the arduino for wireless communication. I am still hunting for one, but for now have a HC-06 in mind. Have to learn soldering to use that though. Solder gun et al on the way from an online shop.


Here’s the breadboard circuit for one-quarter of the project. Doesn’t look very interesting right? I know. The major work happens in Processing. Tata for now. Updates coming up.

[mysterious music]


[/mysterious music]


arduinocode_secp  processingcode_secp


One thought on “Project Salted – 1

  1. go for RedBear Lab’s module. I’m using that for my current project. I made a very silly mood lamp out of it. But beware, the module uses the CC2541 Bluetooth chip by Texas Instruments. Hacking the firmware will be brain damaging!

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