Blogger, writer, dabbler.

Public key: Harshad

Note: To download my public key, right click on above link and save linked file. Rename to change extension to .asc, then import key to your keychain.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. That just about doesn’t sum you at all, you don’t have to be your opinion :-), may be try something different in ‘about’ , may be you can ask other to write your ‘about’ if you cant do justice to that!!
    What ‘about’ I am not sure why I think of myself as a regular guy while my inner self is always pushing me to be the person I am, may be I listen to the world too much, definitely more then I do to my inner voice.
    I have dreams of being a writer and not for nothing….well! take a look at my blog and you tell me!
    My girlfriend…..(well that you know best I wouldn’t say anything there)….we all have old school ways of inspiring people we are close to!

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