Bloody interesting stuff!


Found this cool article today. I love the way technology is making everything so cool and accessible. Like I found this article through an app called Pulse on Android…the nifty piece of code that has brought all my communication needs to a dairy-milk sized device that fits snugly in my pocket.
Actually, and I feel kinda primitive sayin this, but its only recently that I have started to discover the joys of having a smartphone. The HTC Explorer I have is an entry-level model, but there is still so much stuff I can do with it! From chatting on gtalk and whatsapp, checking work and personal mail, getting all the feeds from my favorite sources in pulse, checking my facebook updates, finding my way around the city through Google maps, banking through my bank’s app to blogging whenever I want like I’m doing now….I am totally in love with the Android platform.
Most of the times. I don’t need to power my laptop which has started to feel bulky, when just a few years ago I was all excited about its portability. Agreed, a touchscreen keyboard can’t replace a real one, and that’s the only thing keeping me from ditching the laptop altogether. Bit then, there are those holographic keyboards they were showing on tv…

It excites me when I think what is still to come!

Go on and read this article…dark energy? Awesome!!

Warp Drives Might Be More Realistic Than Thought –