I have always had, like so many of us, a fascination with the typical ‘hero’ character. The kind of woman or man who seems to wield more power than anybody else — be it the law, the politics, the administration, the mafia, the corruption, the dangerous criminals and yes, even the boss at work – basically, more powerful than most of the things that the common man fears. And like all of us, this fascination of mine started to die a slow death as age and experience started to take over.

The baddest enemy of fantasy is logic. And logic always wins if you let it dwell. It packs a wallop. Practicality, reason, feasibility – bring ANY of these three into a bar and the first to vacate are fantasy, heroism and surrealism. Then there’s the constant, overbearing presence of physics. How can the poor hero of our dreams survive?

So before it reached a point where I started thinking of it as a ‘ridiculous, romantic fascination’, I wanted to create a world where a hero like this could flourish. (That’s what all fantasy writers do btw. I am trying to imitate and am stating the obvious here. Makes me feel good :P ). And this page marks the beginning of such a hero and his world. I call the hero Mandolin. And though I call this his Chronicles, the stories are as much about the world he lives in as they are about Mandolin himself.

The story that started it:  Good Luck, Random Citizen

These are stories about freedom, love, pride and everything else that makes us tick. I will be linking to all the stories here as I add them. The first link will take you to a bit of background about the city Mandolin lives in and its rules. Hope you have a good time :) .

The Mandolin Chronicles – About the World

The next story is about a group of friends in a spot, a ‘faceless’ man trying to begin a new life and the mercenary Mandolin.

Saving Face


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